The Board of Directors sets the tone and direction of an organization.  Effective board selection, leadership and governance help ensure that a not for profit can operate to its fullest capacity. Creating an effective board is a continual process that includes recruitment, engagement and development. 

Germaine LIFE uses a host of board development resources to craft unique workshops, training sessions and working documents for Not for Profit Boards.  We will work with your organization to craft the most valuable training packages for your Team.

To help strengthen your board and staff Germaine LIFE offers: One on One Executive Coaching; Team Alignment Workshops

Board Assessment  
  • Board Development Best Practice

  • Steering Your Board Forward Based on  “Independent Sector” 2015 Principals for Good Governance                     

  • Board of Director’s Assessment

  • Board Self- Evaluation 

Recruitment & Nomination 
  • Board Member Job Description 

  • Board Application Packages 

  • Board Member Welcome Packages 

  • Code of Conduct

  • Building a Healthy Board 

  • Nominating Process 

Strategic Planning 
Board Advocacy
  • Helping the Board represent your mission in the Community 

  • Basic Planning Workbook

  • Essentials for Strategic Planning 

Board/Staff Relationships
  • Understanding Relationship and Communication Process

  • Improving Relationships 

  • Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Running Effective Meetings templates provided 

  • Project Tracking - workbook provided 

Board's Role in Fundraising 
  • Protocol Tools for Engaging Board in Fundraising Efforts 

  • Tips for Fundraising Success

  • Taking the Fear out of Fundraising  

  • What are the Boards Fundraising Responsibilities 

  • Donor Reward Programs 

  • Creating Job Descriptions

  • Staff Performance Appraisals 

  • Staff Sick & Vacation

  • Board/Staff Conflict of Interest

  • By-Laws

  • Employee Protection (whistleblower)

  • Executive Director Evaluation, Contracts & Exit Agreements 

Policy Development