Coaching is a professional relationship that requires a personal connection, a trust and understanding between the coach and the client, it is important to make certain the coach or consultant you choose is a good fit for you or your team's needs.

Working with an executive coach offers benefits few other resources can.    Signing on with an executive coach translates into meeting regularly with a professional whose only job is to offer you feedback, insights and recommendations.  Allowing you to benefit from a viewpoint based on their experience as well as the experiences of other leaders who have overcome many of the same challenges you face.  An E.C. can deliver what employees and peers cannot, serving as a sounding board and when required confronting or correct you without fear.


Working with you or your team to address:  

Professional Growth & Planning : Change Management : Conflict Management & Problem Solving :  Goal Setting :  Driving to  Results 
Coaching Services Include: 

Scope Assessment: Programs begin with a free assessment sessions. that may include conversation about goals, personal professional history.  We will  define communication strengths and needs and decide together a plan for moving forward. 


Action Plan: Following an initial assessment, the coach works to set goals and create a customized action plan. This plan becomes the roadmap for leaders to develop. The plan designed may require weekly one hour coaching sessions or may best be served by meeting once a month for a 3 hour session. Plans will vary and together coach and client will define the best plan to meet the desired goals; work together; work in real time on projects such as meetings, presentations, conferences, and appearances. Sessions are scheduled one to three months in advance so that clients can set aside the time and make it a priority. The coach will be available for extra sessions whenever there is a major event or if a concern arise

Frequently home work may include a materials purchase recommendation (book, journal...) Germaine Life does not sell materials or benefit financially from sale of any recommended materials. 

Coaching can last as little as a session or as long as several months. Each case is as unique as the individual or group involved. 


Accountability: We, coach and client, work in partnership every step of the way. When appropriate the coach will meet with the clients staff or team to review goals, communication and action plans. For Coaching to work you need to be fully engaged. Change in action and behavior is sometimes (often) difficult. The coach is here to steer you, to guide you, you are the engine that needs to do all the work. Accountability is essential to the success of every engagement and we encourage companies to work with us and create an environment for success. 


Program Benefits: Complete assessment of skills and needs; Guaranteed weekly/monthly time with the coach; Work in real time on projects already on the calendar;  Access to coach by phone or email between sessions; Ability to check in on issues, challenges, messages when needed


This comprehensive approach is the best way to help leaders take their skills to the next level and be highly effective in their roles. At the end of every coaching engagement we assess progress and recommend ways to continue on the road to success.