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Business Coach Services in Wilmington, DE

GermaineLIFE Executive Business Consulting & Coaching serves Wilmington, DE, with business coaching services to take your business and its endeavors to the next level. If you own a business or lead a team, you understand the importance of success, as others rely on you for jobs and your customers for goods and services. Coach Kristin can help you identify areas that need improvement for you to accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking to increase collaboration amongst staff, enhance communication, resolve office conflict, or improve a wide range of systems in your organization, business coaching can provide the structure and guidance for everything to align. Contact coach Kristin at GermaineLIFE Executive Business Consulting and & Coaching in Wilmington, DE, for more information on business coaching services.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching helps businesses or individuals overcome obstacles they face in pursuit of success or growth. Through business coaching, individuals, teams, and business owners can learn how to navigate workplace challenges to achieve their goals. With experience serving various industries, they use that expertise to act as an advisor in your corner throughout your progress. Business coaches can help define goals, create a starting path for growth, keep people accountable, and help businesses understand their vision and what changes need to occur to accomplish them. A business coach provides guidance and accountability, typically meeting with clients regularly to check in with progress.

Business coaching services at GermaineLIFE Executive Business Consulting and & Coaching

Scope assessment

At GermaineLIFE, programs begin with a free assessment session that may include a conversation about goals and personal, professional history. With this assessment, we can determine the different areas of your business or individual goals you want to emphasize and develop a path to improvement. We will define communication strengths and needs and decide together a plan for moving forward.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Action plan

Following an initial assessment, we will set goals and create a customized action plan. As each business and individual has different goals, each plan will differ. Together, the coach and client will define the best technique to meet the desired goals and work in real-time on projects such as meetings, presentations, conferences, and appearances. Coaching sessions are scheduled one to three months in advance so that clients can set aside the time and make it a priority. In the case of a significant event, the coach will be available for extra sessions to address any concerns or setbacks. The plan designed by coach and client may require weekly one-hour coaching sessions or may best be served by meeting once a month for a 3-hour session.


Accountability is essential in a business coaching partnership. We, coach and client, work in partnership every step of the way to ensure that the proper steps are being taken to achieve your goals. When appropriate, the coach will meet with the client's staff or team to review goals, communication, and action plans. For coaching to work, you need to be fully engaged and committed to making proactive changes. Change in action and behavior is often difficult, and the coach guides you throughout the process. 

Business Meeting
Image by Scott Graham

Program benefits

Some of the program benefits at GermaineLIFE include:

  • A complete assessment of skills and needs

  • Guaranteed weekly/monthly time with the coach

  • Work in real-time on projects already on the calendar

  • Access to coach by phone or email between sessions

  • Ability to check in on issues, challenges, or messages when a situation arises

This comprehensive approach is the best way to help leaders take their skills to the next level and be highly effective in their roles. At the end of every coaching engagement, we assess progress and recommend continuing on the road to success.

Kristin is a consultant with the Delaware Alliance for Non-Profit Advancement and the Delaware State Office of Volunteerism 

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