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Bill Johnston  

Executive V.P.

JPMorgan Chase & Co, DE

"Kristin communicates openly, forcefully and effectively. In my work with her, she was successful in coordinating large groups and keeping her commitments to the budget and the calendar.  She did this mostly through the daily slog of talking to everyone and ensuring everyone knew what they needed to know.  By the time she rolled to the next major project, she had helped build an internal course on communication for high performing teams. I was impressed with her ability to learn and adapt."

Roxanne Reneé Grant

Wellness Coach 

Liberty, MO

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. 

"I have had the opportunity to be coached by Kristin and have had the opportunity to work alongside her as a colleague. Kristin Bainger is a phenomenal coach: she gets right to the heart of the matter and offers practical, real-world solutions to get you where you want to go, fast. She is sharp and savvy, and she delivers as promised. Working with Kristin is empowering!"

Terry Middleton

Data Center Manager

Site Director Science Application International Corp., MO

"Kristin is simply an excellent choice as a coach for those truly committed to making an improvement. By combining genuine care for people with an absolutely no-nonsense approach to finding solutions. Able to instill in others that balance of empowerment and accountability so critical to personal and organizational success. When you’re ready to move on from your current plateau, give her a call and get ready to do your homework."

Carla Carter

Carla D. Carter Consulting, Inc


"I would describe my experience with Germaine LIFE as enlightening and extremely productive.  As a small business owner, I wear many hats. While balancing working on the business with working in the business I found I was facing roadblocks that were limiting my success.  GL provided the guidance, processes, and support I needed to manage through the challenges.  Kristin is a quick study, she combines a wide range of competencies, business acumen, and a sincere desire to see others exceed goals,  I highly recommend her services."


Executive Director  

​Kristin worked with my senior managers to help our organization through a very difficult merger/ transition. She was able to quickly access the political and process issues that were impeding our progress and set up unique and valuable tools to improve our communication and help our staff move almost seamlessly into our new organizational structure.

Janet Idema

Board President 

Immanuel Shelter

Rehoboth Beach DE 

Immanuel Shelter Board of Directors came to life just short of a year ago when our nonprofit status was approved. As organizational development goes, ours was fairly typical, working as a group of passionate volunteers to help those experiencing homelessness.

Our Board had many of the growing pains that new boards experience within the first year of development including, resignations, mission creep, pressing needs of those we serve, competing priorities, fundraising needs, grant applications, and long board meetings that left many of us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

As President of the Board, I was baffled, I had led groups and organized system-wide change for nearly 30+ years of my career and yet when it came to leading the board I was left feeling inept, resentful and overwhelmed. I felt like a mom who had too much to do and not enough time.

GermaineLIFE and coach Kristin has changed all of that for me. Kristin quickly assessed our board's strengths and weaknesses and began meeting with myself and other key leadership members of the board to help us clarify, define, and strengthen our board.

She helped me to pick up the reigns lead recognizing that as President I had several key responsibilities, the most important being bringing support and good news to the board.

Though our individual coaching sessions Kristin defined specific issues that needed immediate attention and gave me permission to “stay in my lane, take a deep breath and perform my role as president”

Within 6 weeks of working together, we had organized agendas, detailed minutes, committee reports, a working governance committee, new leadership for operations, board members stepping up into committee leadership roles, board member applications and we are working through our first Strategic Plan.

Coaching with GermaineLIFE has laid out a path for us to follow to become a strong board, however more importantly coaching has breathed new life into our organization and into our relationships.

Alison L. Houck

Board  of Directors

Childeren&Families First, DE


CPA, Managing  Partner 

Faw Casson


I have had the pleasure to work on various non-profit events with Kristin.  Kristin’s enthusiasm, communication, and organization are keys to her success, she is able to walk into an organization, quickly analyze room for improvement, make suggestions, and implement the changes needed.  Kristin works tireless hours to make sure that whatever project she addresses exceeds expectations when completed     


Managing Partner 

Kristin is intelligent, dynamic, and effective, her history of working with a demanding cliental has given her a unique set of skills that we found invaluable.  Naturally able to see through layer upon layer of complex problems and confusion to the truth of any situation and that vision allows her to see what will make things better.

Kim Hutchins, Carol Wangen


Maggio Shields

Real Estate , DE


Kim Hutchins

Carol Wangen -  I want to thank Kristin and GermaineLIFE for all you did to help not only Maggio Shields get organized but help me, professionally and personally. 

You really opened my eyes to tools I can use to address challenges in a positive way. Things are moving along smoothly now - with no stress or confusion. Thank you so much.


Kim Hutchins Thanks so much for all you have done with our group. I see amazing results with those you worked with.  It truly helped with accountability on all sides.  

I believe we truly needed an outsider's view to see what we were missing.  Many thanks and we would recommend you to everyone!

Patrick Taranto

Owner, Media JD

Paris, France

Kristin over-delivers in terms of service, attention, and results. Based on her executive experience, she will coach you from where you are to where you want to go 

NY-Technical Writer 

Sr. Staff Writer 

I found myself struggling with my career, political, and job satisfaction issues. The problems at work were invading my entire life.  Part counselor, part taskmaster, and all about honesty and accountability Kristin helped me to break down the walls and excuses that were keeping me “stuck”.  While working with Kristin I moved to a new position, in a new firm and am now really enjoying where I am and where I am going.  I am grateful that there was nowhere to hide from Kristin’s ability to get to the core of the issues getting in the way of my “success”. 

Selection of Business Recommendations from

Linked In

IT Execution Manager

IT Director

Vilas Shettigar, IT Execution Manager - "Kristin is a straight shooter who stands by her team members and mentors them, a very strong individual who came to JPMC and established an IT governance group from scratch for the RPS division exceeding all the objectives set for the year and took on the role of directing a critical program before focusing on streamlining the IT budget for the entire department.  Kristin is able to take up new responsibilities very quickly. She single-handedly managed all of the program's financial details that earned her respect across the organization from various CFOs. Her quick comprehension with superb analytical ability makes her a great person to have on your team especially on critical tasks."


Marty Sheehan, IT Director, NY - “Kristin is one of the more professional Program Managers that I have had the privilege to work with over the course of my career. She has a strong working knowledge of the various project management processes but also possesses the business knowledge and practical approach which allows her to uniquely model the programs appropriately. Kristin is very passionate about her work and highly committed to quality, often far more critical and demanding of herself than anyone else would ever be. Any organization would consider themselves fortunate to have someone of Kristin's caliber on their team and if the opportunity ever presents itself, I would definitely seek her out.” 

Nancy Greene

Nancy Greene

Program Director

SC Habitat for Humanity, DE

Owner, N.Greene Consulting 


Kristin brought a much-needed metrics-based reporting system to SCHFH.  Her leadership and organization skills contributed to building new volunteer teams while energizing existing teams.  She oversaw a comprehensive/integrated data build, then turned her focus on building a long term plan for executing community engagement and fundraising.  

Robert Bingaman

Board of Directors AIDS Coalition of SNJ  

President Robert Allan & Associates, Inc


I've had the pleasure to work with Kristin on various committees and fundraising efforts. Her professionalism and business acumen were always evident. And her dedication to the mission was certainly without question. Kristin skillfully guided the board members thru a difficult transition always respecting us as volunteers.  In the end our efforts were extremely successful, not merely meeting but dramatically exceeded our goals.  Her ability to work with multiple events, large numbers of volunteers and internal staff of the non-profit agency were nothing short of amazing.

md-MO Family Practice

Managing Partner 

We hired Kristin to help us organize our growing practice, teach our staff a few things. Kristin arrived and in short order showed us that our staff’s ability to perform was not our problem. Micromanaging, lack of open communication, not giving our staff credit, or “room to perform” were the issues she outlined. Kristin put together a plan to straighten us out. Needless to say, the staff are big fans of her work. Had anyone told me an outsider could come in and so quickly pinpoint the real issues causing our problems and actually convince us - a group of “the smartest people in the room” that we were the problem- I would have thought they had a screw loose. After working with Kristin the successes we are experiencing are tremendous. FYI- If Kristin tells you to do your homework, I suggest you do your homework."

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