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business coaching for all

Coach'-ing: Facilitating  people  in  their  own  commitment  and  enthusiasm  to  accomplish their objectives




Executive Business Coaching

Enabling exceptional experiences through strategic & innovative management practices. Focused on strengthening individuals and organizations in their capacity to achieve the mission, visions, and goals required for success.  GermaineLIFE helps you to cut through the muck of difficult processes or environmental issues personal and professional in order to build sustainable solutions.


There are different opinions on the roles of coaches vs. consultants. In my view, after the initial information gathering stage, a consultant’s job is to pivot towards providing tools or processes that make for a more effective work environment.  Coaching requires asking more than they tell, working with individuals and teams to identify behaviors that may be holding them back, costing them resources, or robbing them of opportunities.  A consultant is accountable to deliver a tangible, while a coach holds you accountable to enact and embrace change. GermaineLIFE takes a hybrid approach, combining the roles in a manner that can best benefit the client. 


                                                                                                                                                                                    - Coach Kristin

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Executive Coaching

A Comprehensive Approach

Coaches, whether working with professional athletes or business leaders, have the same basic goals and understandings. We help top performers to mitigate self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Skilled at helping professionals reach beyond their comfort zone to achieve optimum success. optimum success


Expert Guidance & Project Management

Have a specific challenge that requires professional oversite or project management attention?  Germaine Life's team will work with you to tackle even the most complex challenges. Contact me today to discover how we can help.


Workshops, Training & Speaking Engagements

Coaching is a professional relationship that requires a personal connection,  trust, and understanding between the coach and the client. It is essential to make certain the coach or consultant you choose is a good fit for you or your team's needs.

Stuart Comstock-Gay
President & CEO
Delaware Community Foundation

"Kristin was a tremendous help to us during a complicated transition at the foundation. She was quick to understand our needs, quick to provide structure and guidance, and she did a good job kicking our butts when we needed it. She’s smart and passionate. We felt fortunate to find her."



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