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Business Coaching in Dover, DE

Germaine LIFE provides business coaching services in Dover, DE. Through business coaching, individuals, teams, and business owners can learn more about themselves and how to make proactive changes so they can achieve in their respective fields. Business coaching can provide an unbiased approach to helping individuals or companies remove roadblocks from their success. Coach Kristin focuses on strengthening individuals and organizations in their capacity to achieve the mission, visions, and goals required for success. Business coaching is proven effective when an organization is willing to grow and take the necessary steps. From improving communication to helping people reach their personal goals, and more, coach Kristin can help you tap into your true potential to succeed.

Benefits of hiring a business coach

  • Gain confidence

  • Become "unstuck" in your current trajectory 

  • Establish realistic goals

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Have constant support and accountability 

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Improve communication 

  • Challenge yourself

In business coaching, coach Kristin uses a hybrid approach of coach and consultant to help an organization or individual throughout their transformation. With experience serving various industries, Germaine LIFE uses that expertise to act as an advisor in your corner throughout your progress. From business to marketing and other businesses, she uses her expertise to focus on your progress. She can help define goals, create a starting path for growth, keep people accountable, and help businesses understand their vision and what changes need to occur to accomplish them. When you need a business coach in Dover, look to Coach Kristin at Germaine LIFE. Contact GermaineLIFE Executive Business Consulting & Coaching in Dover, DE, for more information. 

Dover, DE

Dover, the capital of Delaware, is located on the St. John River.
Located about 50 miles south of Wilmington, Dover, DE, is known for many historical and national events, including the first state to ratify the U.S. constitution. Dover is home to many historical attractions, shopping boutiques, and other local attractions. From the Dover International Speedway to Air Mobility Command Museum, Biggs Museum of American Art, The Old State House, Silver Lake Park, Delaware AeroSpace Education, and more, Dover has many things to explore. 

Kristin is a consultant with the Delaware Alliance for Non-Profit Advancement and the Delaware State Office of Volunteerism 

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