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Defining success

Success can mean different things to different people. Whether you define success in terms of money, a career position, happiness, or more, it can be unique to your perspective. When you are at a point in your life when you are trying to define success, it can be challenging to pinpoint what matters to you most. It’s essential to take the time to assess your goals, what is most important to you, and think of ways to attain those goals. By taking this approach, you can give yourself the motivation you need to take the necessary steps in your career. Below, we have a few definitions of success for you to reflect on and see how it can fit in your pathway to your own success.

What is success?

1) Striving to do your best

One of the main ways to reach your goals is by being committed to trying your best in every situation. Whether it’s taking the time to do more research, make time for connections, working a little bit later one night, or another effort, when you do your best, you can achieve more. By taking the initiative every step of the way, you should feel proud of yourself and use it as motivation.

2) Setting concrete goals

One of the first steps to success is creating a list of goals for yourself and taking the necessary steps to complete them. Make sure to be realistic and concrete when setting these goals. Start small and continue to grow from there so you can keep yourself in a good mindset.

3) Work & life balance

When you are burnt out and stressed out, it can be challenging to tackle your goals. Success does not happen overnight, so it’s important to take time to recognize that you will reach your goals over time. Even if you are happy in your role and passionate about your job field, you need time to energize yourself and give yourself time to relax. When you are in a good mindset and are well-rested, you will perform better.

4) Overcoming fear and doubts

Fear and doubt often hold people back in their careers, so one of the top ways to succeed is by overcoming what is holding you back. From confronting a fear such as public speaking, or other anxieties, you can feel invincible and keep pushing towards your goals.

5) Learning something new each day

One of the most important aspects of success is learning. With continued learning, you can stay on your trajectory and improve your chances of excelling in your career, education, or personal pursuit.


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