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Knowing When You Need a Coach, a Cheerleader, a Mentor...

By Kristin G Bainger

It can be mind-numbingly difficult to tell who, in this crowded market space, to turn to when you need a little help managing the obstacles that get in the way of your business goals. To add to the confusion are a great many very talented Mentors, Motivators, Cheerleaders, and Business Leaders who have all chosen the path of calling ourselves coaches, Professionals, whether in healthcare, fitness, business, or life, all calling ourselves coaches. I get it; I played for years with the words Coach vs. Business Coach Vs. Consultant, how should I best describe my offerings considering the overlaps in skills are everywhere?

Enter Stacey Flowers' perfectly delightful and accurate Ted Talk on the "5 People You Need To Be Happy". She outlines the different kinds of people we all need in our lives to "catch happiness": A Cheerleader, a Mentor, a Coach, a Friend, and a Peer. Flowers' provides a spot-on description of a Coaches role: "A Coach is meant to make you a little uncomfortable so that [they] can maximize your potential and make things happen.". She also offers clarity around the roles a Mentor and Cheerleader that go a long way to helping all of us identify what we may need, and who best can fill that need, no matter the title they give themselves.

Please give Flowers a listen, and if you are ready to work with a Business Coach, or even if you are not yet sure who best to work with, please feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help you identify your next steps, whether that means our working together or by advising you on an alternative path forward. Stay Safe.

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