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How a business coach can help you manage stress during hectic times

When you run a business or manage a team, stress is inevitable, as many factors can influence your day. Whether you have a massive project with a strict deadline, there is a conflict between team members, or you are overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility on your plate, stress can become difficult to manage. Stress can cause you to experience headaches, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, and other symptoms that are not good for your health or wellbeing. With a strategic approach to managing stress, you can relieve and minimize some of the anxiety associated with everyday work operations. A business coach can help you assess your stress levels, determine what leads to that level of stress, and help you find a solution to alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing. Below are a few of the ways a business coach can help you address stress during challenging times.

Understand your stress response

First, it's essential to understand how stress works. Stress can come about in a wide range of situations. Your body alerts you of the coming "threat." When you face a difficult decision, a project deadline, or any other obstacle, you experience a "fight or flight" response in your body. The first step of managing stress is identifying this response when you experience it and understanding your body's natural response. A major component of managing your stress is knowing what, in particular, is bringing on this "fight or flight" sense. Whether it be a person, an event, or another stressor, it's essential to take note of the event so you understand how to manage it moving forward. A business coach can discuss with you any potential stress triggers and how to approach the issues that are contributing to your stress.

Learn stress management techniques

Stress is normal, especially in a hectic or busy circumstance. From managing various projects to interviewing potential employees, implementing new strategies, and more, it can weigh on a person. Coaching can help you manage your stress levels more productively to work efficiently and alleviate what you are experiencing in the day to day work operations. Whether that be meditation, less screen time, or other approaches, you can determine what works best for you on a personal level to improve your business performance. Through business coaching, you get an unbiased, broader perspective that can help you see the different contributors to stress that you are not recognizing. When you get busy, it's hard to reflect on different areas of your work to minimize stress, and that's where a business coach's expertise can provide insight into various stress factors.

Make proactive changes

To reduce stress levels, you need to understand where they stem from and commit to taking actions to provide relief. Business coaches keep you accountable and can help you make long-term changes to improve your mental health, which will result in better performance at work. By discussing your experiences with a business coach, you can start implementing strategies that work to manage your stress levels. Once you have those techniques identified, you can actively work on them to ensure that you are more energized and calm when stressful situations arise at work. Through self-awareness and accountability, you have the power to tackle your stressors head-on. A business coach is here to assist you throughout the process and provide insight so that you can thrive in all areas of your life.


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